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Memorial to Tinky.

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Gina – Tinky's Mum
Montana – Tinky's Dad

Where is Australia ?

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My name is Paul and this spot on the web was originally setup to show my friends a lovely addition to my family.
This page has now become a memorial to a sweet, friendly and loveable little girl.

Here is a little bit of information on her.....
Tinky is a Belgian Shepherd Dog (Bitch) of the Groenendael variety.

She was born 20th January 2001 at the Tankarla Kennels.
She was given the registered name of Tankarla Wichinchala. Wichinchala means "Little Girl".

Tinky, originally nick named Tinker Bell, was the smallest of a litter of ten at a tiny 250g. Due to the added care that she received to get a feed, and not get squished by her brothers and sisters, she was the first to be given a name. By the time she was ready to go to her new home the name had stuck and she knew who she was ( the Tinky bit anyway – couldn't see myself chasing her down the street yelling Tinker Bell....).

Tinky died on 27th November 2004 of acute kidney disease, cause unknown.
Tink is missed by myself and her companion Blade.

Sleep well little one.

I live in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, the state of Victoria, in Gods own Country of Australia.

Have a look through the pictures and links, hope you enjoy. If there are any problems please drop me a line at paul.barker@darkpaws.com

Updated 8th October 2006