My friends ask me what programs to use to get things done without having to pay huge amounts or use cracks. So I have put together a list of applications that I use or have used.
None of these have any Trojans or Spyware that I am aware of, but things change. Some may have a nag but that is because they are commercial software that is free for personal use.

These programs are free for different reasons.

  • Commercial programs made free for home or personal use.
  • Freeware programs that (may) request donations.
  • Open Source Software. http://www.opensource.org
Whatever the case, if you like the programs and want them to keep going then visit the home pages and buy a licence, make a donation or if you can add your programming skills to the OSS community.

If there are any free programs that actually work. ie do what they promise (there are heaps that are just crap) and have no spyware/adware in them and are useful in a users everyday life then I would love to hear about them and give them a go. Just drop me the URL of the website (use comments) and I will check them out.

I am also interested in helping people find alternatives to expensive/bug ridden/unsupported applications. So if you need something drop me a line with what you are using and what you need and I will try and find a solution for you.

The items marked with an * are what I use in every day life.

The items marked with an !! are offline at date of test, I believe this is a temporary issue.

I have am running Windows 10 64bit and have found issues with some of the programs. This doesnt decrease the value of any of the tools it just means not everything is designed to work on all platforms whether there is native x64 version of the application.

Text Editors. Internet. Graphics. Office Suites. Media players/tools. Virus/Spyware/Adware Scanners. Ftp Clients. Compression Utilities Utilities.

All links ok and updated on 12th June 2019.


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